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Status Shift

The shift into management is an exciting and rewarding change, and it comes with pitfalls that you need to avoid. Your former co-workers are no longer your peers - you need to re-negotiate your working relationships and establish new boundaries. At the same time you may face inner challenges addressing your new peers - managers and directors - as equals.

Communication Styles

As a manager you are responsible for finding an effective way to communicate with each member of your team. The best managers know how to find what motivates each member of their team and adapts their communication style accordingly, e.g. introverts need more patients, extroverts may need help finding focus. 

Deciding &  Delegating

As a manager some of your new responsibilities include being the decision maker and delegating responsibility. You need to delegate successfully - maintaining responsibility while accountability lies with someone else. Discover the best way to assign tasks to members of your team.

Hire Well/Fire Better

Finding the right employees is an art - similar to finding the right customers. As a manager you need to know what to look for in an ideal employee candidate and how to find them. And, most importantly how to recognize a star when you see one. You are also responsible for creating a culture that supports and nurtures great performance. Likewise, you need to know when it is time to cut someone loose.

Giving Feedback

As a manager it is your job to maintain clear and effective communication with those who report to you. You need to create an environment that is open, safe, and respectful, and allows for the flow of effective feedback.


It is vitally important to know how, and to give, both positive and challenging feedback. Learn how to give feedback in a way that others will look forward to receiving - regardless of whether it is positive or negative. And, results in change and growth.  

Finding a Good Mentor

In your role as manager it is important to seek out and find a mentor. How do you find the right kind - what is the right kind of mentor for you? 

Navigating the role of manager is an ever-changing experience; having someone that can help you to continue to learn and grow, as well as provide guidance through new challenges can mean the difference between success and failure. Choose wisely - it may not be the one you think?

Course Details

This course explores the unique issues and obstacles associated with transitioning into a management role - an intensive, interactive experience designed to identify areas for development.


One-on-one - coaching program, providing focused attention on honing leadership skills and abilities in addition to specific, desired areas for development.​

(Group and Custom programs available - call for more information)


Instructor:  Jayne Donnelly, CEO & Founder - Altus Effect

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