For Entrepreneurs - New and Seasoned!

Stop driving blind in your business and fighting uphill battles!

Avoid unnecessary detours and distractions that

cost you time and money!

Create your road map for success and

Did you know that a majority of businesses fail because they do not have a clearly defined and measurable vision?

Having a clear vision for your company sounds simple enough, but the truth is there is more to it than you think, and your success depends upon it. Every single move you make in your business is directly connected to your vision. By vision, I mean a clear picture, definitive goals, including what inspires you and gives you the desire and focus to go forward.


In fact, it goes much, much deeper than that.

“It affects how you carry yourself, and how you make decisions. It affects the quality of people who want to work for you, which is probably the ultimate game-changer.”  ~ Simon Sinek

Feeling stuck and burnt out?

Lost your direction and enthusiasm?
Can’t remember why you started your business in the first place?

If this sounds like you, ask yourself these five important questions:


  1. Is your vision crystal clear, and do you have it written down?

  2. Do you feel passionate about your idea?

  3. Can you articulate why you do what you do?

  4. Do people care?

  5. When difficulties arise, do you have enough energy to overcome them?

Your answers are vital, because they touch on every aspect of your business. If you believe in what you are offering and are passionate about your idea, you have the necessary spark that drives success and influences the talent you attract, how customers feel about you, and your reputation in the industry.

Your vision should not only inspire you but everyone around you!

If you are unsure of your answers, your vision may not be as solid as it needs to be, and you are risking everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve!!


GPS for Success helps you:

  • Discover whether your passion is driving your ideas. 

  • Create clarity around all components your business: who you are, what you do and, most importantly, why you do it! 

  • Establish your company’s branding – what is your promise to your customers?

  • Set goals, timelines and measurements for success.

  • Identify and attract the right talent and ideal customers.

  • Define and communicate effectively your organization’s culture, core values and purpose.

  • Create a strategic plan and form strategic partnerships that enable you to make sound decisions without doubt or fear.

  • Keep your company moving forward in the right direction.



So are you ready for freedom, fulfillment and renewed enthusiasm? 


Want to feel confident knowing your business is running smoothly, profitably, and aligned with your vision and goals
around every twist and turn?

Every treasure hunter starts with an “X” on the map.
Find your “X” with GPS for Success
and claim your treasure – a profitable business that you enjoy!

Jayne Donnelly has been working with people for over 20 years. She has multiple coaching certifications - life and business - as well as an educational background in psychology and counseling.

She has coached individuals and business owners all over the world with extraordinary results and life-changing breakthroughs.


She is a certified trainer and technical writer, has worked in the high tech industry as well as counseling 'at risk' teens and facilitates weekend intensives for women. Her passions include Indian cooking, independent film, improvisational theater, and occasionally performs with her own improv troupe. She lives in Ashland, Oregon with her husband, son, and two black labs.


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