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If the idea of coaching doesn't feel right, consider mentoring.


As a mentor I can help you with exploring careers, setting goals, developing contacts, and identifying resources. Within a leadership role sometimes all you need is a good ear to listen as so you can consider ideas, someone who can ask you the right questions with no personal (or professional) agenda. 

If you need:

  • Unbiased support

  • A neutral playing field in which to consider your options

  • Advice without agenda

  • Insight

  • Help to focused

Creating a successful mentoring relationships requires specific skills, sensibilities, and structure from both the mentor and the mentee. Success happens when both parties take responsibility for making it work. Relationships are based on trust, confidentiality, mutual respect and sensitivity.


"There were days I felt "in my own way", but I really pushed my fears aside and buckled down. I spent more time thinking and feeling through things than I have in the past because I was willing to get it done. I know this will be a continuous process of improving myself to get the work done. As I spend more time working with you, the more I see how "who I am" is so ingrained into everything I do. The more I embrace the good, the bad and the ugly, I also find I am embracing my integrity and this shows up in all areas of my life. It is so worth it"! 

L.J. / California

"I am so pleased with my progress with mentoring - in particular being held accountable to myself and being challenged in a caring way. It sometimes hurts in the moment but it's so much better on the other side". I trust your instinct and expertise". 

J.K. / Nevada

"I wanted to get challenged and pushed in the right directions and I get that from you. You know how to ask the right questions and your gut feelings are almost always right on. Having a mentor is amazing because you bring up questions that I have never thought of before".

M.C. / Wisconsin


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