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Jayne Clary

Writer, Speaker, Coach

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About Jayne Clary

I have been working with people for over 25 years. 


My journey began with an education in counseling where I honed my skills in listening, analysis, and breaking it all down to the core components. Along the way I took an interesting and surprising turn into the world of the high-tech industry where I learned an entirely different approach to problem solving. Completely emerged in the corporate world, I discovered that I prefer working with people rather than machines and I developed my love for training. Watching the lightbulbs go on for people is one of my greatest joys.


My path eventually took me to coaching - a world where I can support, help, guide, and teach. I became certified as both a  Life and Business coach.

The two disciplines are intricately entwined as business coaching is really about developing the leader inside and understanding how this applies to all aspects of business and life. There is no separation between the professional and personal - it's ALL personal.

The Altus Effect Approach

I have coached individuals and business owners all over the world with extraordinary results and life-changing breakthroughs. 


I truly love this work and I am extremely good at what I do. I will help you to learn things about yourself you never knew before.


Additionally, I have counseled 'at risk' teens, and currently lead women's circles, and facilitate weekend intensives for women. My other passions include Indian cooking, independent film, and improvisational theater, murder mysteries, yoga, and knitting. I live in beautiful Ashland, Oregon with my, son, and two black labs. 


"Clients come to me with a variety of issues, concerns or problems. They often have tried coaching before, or worked with a business consultant or therapist, with little or no results. They come wanting MORE. With Altus Effect Coaching, you get 'MORE'. Discover the power when you realize that change is the only thing that makes sense and that the choice is yours."

Altus Effect Coaching
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Altus Effect Coaching - Dedicated to challenging you with care

Altus Effect Coaching Approach

The Altus Effect was born out of years of coaching and working with people with traditional consulting methods. I felt frustrated - and so did my clients due to the limitations of these methods. My gut was telling me to do one thing and traditional guidelines were saying something else. Frustrated that the efforts or tools were not providing help to the degree that we both wanted - I took the leap and broke the mold.


"The word Altus comes from Latin - to go high and go deep, and this is how I work. We start 'high' - exploring from 10,000 feet, and then while holding this perspective we go 'deep'. We get down into the trenches focusing on exactly what you want and deconstruct the building blocks of where you are and what is missing to create succes. For either your life or your business, this approach is extraordinarily effective."


In applying this vision and approach to my coaching my clients see profound improvement and transformation beyond that which they had originally desired.




Contact me, to learn about Altus, to go high and deep and experience unbelievable results and transformation!

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