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Michael owns a small to mid-sized steel fabrication business in Europe. He went from frustration about not achieving growth, or developing an effective foundation for his company, to a sustainable, dynamic, and growing business that allows him ample time away from work, a crew of talented and motivated employees, and best of all, peace of mind.



Michael wanted to expand his business but was unable to progress effectively. His frustrations were many, and his vision of the future was unclear. In his words, "everything was a mess." Even though he had always had a good feel for budgeting he did not have a solid understanding of the numbers and was, in fact, unaware of how bad his financial situation had become and needed an emergency plan.


He also had difficulty finding the right people and achieving and maintaining employee satisfaction. The hiring process was tedious and extremely time consuming, and in the end he was never completely sure if he had hired the right person.


His dream was to ultimately step away from the day-to-day work of the business but the infrastructure was fragile and he didn't know how to begin makes steps toward this goal. He needed to 'be there' for everything, if he wasn't, things fell apart.



Working as his coach, I helped Michael systematically focus on each area of business. We located his blind spots as well as discovered how he was getting in his own way. We explored deficits in leadership, and how he looked at his customers and employees. I helped him develop a crystal clear vision for his business and a dynamic strategic plan to track and achieve goals. We reviewed his finances in detail to truly understand the numbers. Additionally he created a foolproof system to locate the right people, learned how to mentor and develop employees, and has hired a talented general manager. He learned not just how to do what he does better, but why he does what he does.


"It's not the business that has changed, but me".



Business coaching has resulted in tremendous progress for Michael. His transformation as a leader is remarkable and he readily admits that it is not his business that has changed, but he who has changed and grown. He has a financial structure that sustains his organization and supports growth, a detailed and completely defined vision for the future and a clear plan to achieve it. He has a well-organized recruiting, hiring, and employee development system, and a culture that is supported and respected.



Michael enjoys a substantial increase in revenue, physical growth into a new, larger facility, recognition within his industry and community - he is sought out to speak and consult - and most importantly, he has peace of mind, and joy.


Life now:

Michael claims to "hardly go to work at all" and enjoys a rich personal life. He spends 95% of his time thinking strategically about where to take the business. The general manager is now learning how to mentor employees, and is developing new areas for the business, contributing to the company vision and the freedom Michael so greatly desired.



Michael has brought his business to the 'next level'. Today he is focused, knows exactly where he is going and (in his words) is happy. When asked what factors have improved since working with his coach he sites, "revenue, time for myself and peace of mind".


When asked to what he attributes his success he says, "Without a doubt, business coaching with Jayne Donnelly.”




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