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Altus Effect Coaching
A guided path to what you want and where you want to go

Altus Effect for Work

Experience a customized program for your personal success. Explore avenues for career fulfillment and strategies for motivation and creativity. Discover your own primary source of motivation. 


Working with Jayne Donnelly, find clariity and focus on the values that are most important to you in order to experience the development of your career as you create the life of your dreams. 


In your work, are you wandering and unsure what direction to take? Create a solid plan - a road map - with which to navigate the journey, and acquire the tools necessary for navigation. Get Unstuck the Altus way.


I am seasoned professional who had been struggling with many profound issues ranging from "how do I effectively manage this situation" to "how am I showing up in my daily life".  I began my coaching journey with Jayne, with a narrow lens on my challenges, and ended up with so much more than I had ever anticipated. In working with Jayne, I have explored many meaty topics that have helped me to broaden my perspective on virtually every area of my life, and to challenge a number of deeply ingrained beliefs.


If this sounds scary to you, rest assured. Jayne's style is one that is open, encouraging and intuitive with a sharp eye on ensuring that you make  progress in the areas you've deemed important. I can say with conviction, that my time with Jayne has been singularly the best investment I have made in myself. I am showing up in the world differently. I have more confidence, take myself a less seriously, am improving the relationships in my life, and making decisions that had previously elluded me. It has been hard work, and a journey, but so very worth it. Jayne comes with my highest recommendation."

Janet Phillips / Sr. Director for large hi-tech co. / San Francisco, CA

"The leadership voyage was amazing."

Roger H. / Physician / Ashland, OR

“Jayne provided me with great new tools and helpful processes when I found myself at a professional crossroad. She provided me with great insight and helped me find the clarity for which I was looking.” 

Leticia Egea McClain / Determine Administrator / San Diego, CA

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