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Altus Effect Coaching

Commit to Your Best with Jayne Clary's Altus Effect

Most people are capable of amazing things - once you get unstuck and truly know where you want to go. My coaching style is professional and approachable as well as intuitive, challenging and courageous. I incorporate methods that go beyond traditional tools - I have a dynamic curiosity blended with respect and a great sense of humor.


My clients will tell you that as they walk their journey they come to anticipate and hear my voice 'in their head' helping them to challenge themselves and fully embrace their commitment to balance, integration. and choice. Choice in all areas of their life, even where they believed they had none.

Altus Effect clients feel at ease, safe and are often surprised at how easy it is to challenge themselves to go deeper, to explore new ideas, and how quickly they experience change.


If you have ever wondered how your life could be different, the Altus Effect Approach could be the answer for which you have been looking.

Where are you now?

Altus Effect Coaching is meant to help you explore the truth about your current situation. How are you affected by what is happening right now? How much is determined by you, others, your environment, circumstances? How much is in your control, how much is not - and what can you do about it?

What got you here?

How are your life, business, and relationships affected and influenced by the events and choices from your history? What influence do they continue to have on your current situation and your future? How much are you carrying around? What are the stories that you hold to be true and what if you could change them?

Reinvent Yourself!

Choose for yourself! Let Altus Effect coaching take you from where you are now, to where you - the real you - wants to be.


Ask yourself: 

  • Where do you really want to be?

  • What does the future have in store?

  • How much affect do you want to have on your direction?

Altus Effect Coaching is about choice - YOUR CHOICE

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