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We all know that stylistically men and women lead differently, and characteristically we all have access to both styles. A healthy combination of both creates a solid balance of leadership that engenders confidence and inspires others to be their best. Assess your own balance and explore the edges of masculine and feminine leadership qualities. Discover a new and unique perspective of leadership that provides a way to enhance your own leadership as well as how to see and inspire leadership in others.

Set Clear Goals And Expectations

As a manager, your main task is to motivate your employees. Poor time management, and the pressure to perform can effect the process of managing the lifecycle of all projects and problems.

Deal Effectively with Employee Issues 

Performance problems? Team or peer conflicts? Inspiring the team to be more productive? It all falls on you. Know how to recognize the strengths in your team to bring out their best and inspire collaboration and prioritize achievements.

Shifting From Coworker To Boss?

Are you stepping up to a leadership role with more responsibility?  Virtually everything you do now is different - how you interact with co-workers especially those that used to be peers requires the confidence to navigate the change in status. ​

Better Hiring & Firing

There is an art to making the right hiring decision. How to find them and how to recognize a star when you see one. Know how and when to terminate an employee with grace and clarity. 

Better Delegating

Being able to delegate effectively is vital. As a leader your job requires prioritization, and determining the best way to solve problems, get things done, and utilize all the resources available. The inability to navigate this responsibility can lead to...

Avoid Burnout

​It can happen to anyone; what are the signs, how do you avoid it, and what do you do when it strikes? True balanced leadership recognizes the benefits of restoration.  


Asking for help?

​Leadership can be tough at times. The best leaders know how and when to ask for help. How do you recognize when the time is right to reach out? Is it hard to ask for help?

"The leadership voyage was AMAZING". ~R.H. Ashland, OR

"I can say with conviction, that my time with Jayne has been singularly the best investment I have made in myself".  ~J.P San Francisco, CA


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