0 = Not at all like me

1 = Very rarely like me

2 = A little bit true about me

3 = Neither true or not true about me

4 = More true than not

5 = Mostly true for me

6 = This is me


  1. When I take on big projects I secretly wonder if I am "big enough" to handle them.

  2. I feel stuck.

  3. I need to have the right answers.

  4. People expect me to have the right answers and this creates anxiety.

  5. Not having the right answers makes me extremely uncomfortable.

  6. I am highly defensive (be honest).

  7. I often feel a nervous knot in my stomach.

  8. People often don't understand what I say.

  9. I hear 'old shaming' messages in my head and they affect me today.

  10. My decisions, for myself, are overly affected by outside influences.

  11. I second-guess what I know to be true.

  12. My brain is on overdrive.

  13. My communication isn't as authentic as I would like.

  14. I need to be in charge.

  15. I outwardly stand up for myself, yet inwardly I tear myself down.

  16. I am judgmental (again, be honest).

  17. I judge myself harder than anyone else.

  18. I feel safe when I am the biggest fish in the pond.

  19. I am afraid I'll be found out to be a fraud.

  20. I fear rejection.

  21. I don't cut myself enough slack.

  22. I am not very clear about what I want for myself.

  23. I don't have enough compassion for others and myself.

  24. I am more afraid than curious.

  25. I don't have enough intimacy.

  26. I don't listen to my own advice.

  27. I don't feel understood and accepted.

  28. I often want to change things about myself but I don't know how.

  29. I don't feel energized.

  30. I don't have a sense of well-being.





The information expressed here is designed to help increase your awareness and stimulate discussion of areas relating to the indicated topic. This is not by itself, a tool for diagnosing any type of condition. It may help to enhance self-awareness of one’s own experiences, but cannot give any well-informed recommendation about what should be done about those experiences. In other words, by asking about particular experiences, this quiz may simply help to highlight elements of those experiences. Having those experiences highlighted may offer you an opportunity to reflect on them at greater length, or to consider their relevance in a broader life context. What any individual chooses to do with the results of this quiz is a matter for the individual and should not be dictated by the author. 


Respond to each statement on a scale from zero to six.

Tally your answers and check scoring.


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