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Setting Clear Goals And Expectations

Many people don't realize that MANAGEMENT is the toughest job out there. As a manager, it's your job to understand the vision and goals of the company, create a way to achieve those goals, and to not only get your employees on board to perform the necessary activities, but to keep them motivated and happy as well. The pressure to perform is real and has an overall affect on the success of managing the lifecycle of all projects and problems.


Performance problems? Team or peer conflicts? Inspiring the team to be more productive? It all falls on you.

Shifting From Coworker To Boss

Have to learn something new? (It's all new.) Virtually everything you do now is different, e.g. how you interact with co-workers especially those that used to be peers. You are no longer just responsible for your own performance, but for your team as well.  And communication! Understanding how to get through to people with different styles is a must.

Hiring & Firing

Two of the most important skills in management are the development, and maintenance of your team. There is an art to making the right hiring decision. How to find them and how to recognize a star when you see one. And... knowing how and when to terminate an employee is also your responsibility - quickly and effectively. 


Now more than ever, being able to delegate effectively is vital. As a manager your job is basically solving other people's problems. The inability to navigate this responsibility can lead to...


​It can happen to anyone; what are the signs, how do you avoid it, and what do you do when it strikes? 


Asking for help

​Management is the toughest job out there; the best managers know how and when to ask for help. How do you recognize the symptoms in you? Can you ask for help when you need it?

"The leadership voyage was AMAZING". ~R.H. Ashland, OR

"I can say with conviction, that my time with Jayne has been singularly the best investment I have made in myself".  ~J.P San Francisco, CA

STEP ONE - Leadership & Management Assessment

What gets you energized? What gets you excited? Discover:

  • Draw on your own natural ability to tap your own inspiration, and inspire others. 

  • Discover your personal management style. What is uniquely yours that supports your inner game of leadership?

STEP TWO - Setting the Course

Get clarity and focus about what you want and where you are going. Strategically map out your game plan. Where do you want to be? And, how to get there.


Roll up your sleeves and get to work!


  • Forget everything you thought you knew about communication and develop a clear, passionate, vital, and authentic way of speaking.

  • Discover how to create the best solution to any problem.

  • Learn tools to manage the day-to-day issues while keeping  your eye on the future.


STEP FOUR - Inspiring Leadership

  • ​Learn the five-step feedback process to effectively (and easily) handle difficult conversations that result in positive change and action.

  • Discover ways to create a culture of success.

  • Hire well, fire better - Your team sets you up for your success or failure. Learn the all important recruiting, (and even more important), termination processes.

  • Big Picture - How do you fit in as you continue to move up the ladder, as well as looking at the employee connection.

STEP FIVE - Planning for your Future

​The job of personal and professional development is never done.

  • Assess your growth

  • Re-asses your goals

  • Stay in the driver seat of your advancement. 

  • Learn how to select the right mentor.

  • Take charge of your destiny!

Commit to Lead

Powerful and Inspiring Leadership at all levels

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