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Altus Effect - Commitment in Business

Whether you are a business owner or a leader in your field; experience customized programs providing leadership development, management training and employee enhancement. Develop your business from the initial stages of a startup, refine and transform an established entity, or put the wheels in motion as your prepare to sell. 


The Altus Effect
It's about commitment to choice. It's about clarity. It's about change
Entrepreneurial development at all stages.

Our programs include focused individual coaching sessions, workshop intensives, webinars, online trainings and consultations.

Challenge Yourself

Every great business owner, or business leader has a coach – even if they’re called a mentor, an advisor, or Chairman of the Board. If you’re interested in real transformation you need someone to show you what you can’t see about yourself. 


Go system by system, big picture to minute detail, with someone who cares and isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo.

Rekindle your Passion

Discover – or rediscover – your passion for what you do and build a business or career around this that not only serves your life, but enriches the lives of your employees and your customers at the same time.

Experience Real Change

Do you hunger for change?  Are you interested in 'small change' or do you want to see 'large-scale transformation'?


Developing your business to its fullest extent requires that you develop yourself as a Leader. Experience a 360-degree approach to business development focusing  on every aspect starting with how you relate to it.


Be prepared for the hard questions, turning your specific set of frustrations into, long-term solutions. 


Michael Krajewski

Owner - Steelo, Ltd. / London, U.K.

I have managed to bring my business to the next level. I had a vision in mind but had no idea how to accomplish it. I am well on track and it's only a matter of time until we achieve our plans. I have learned profound basics of running a business that work without my needing to be present.

I was desperate to get out of the daily chaos that I had allowed to be created around me in my business. Since working with Jayne I have been able to learn how to look at things from an overhead perspective. This has allowed me to get “a handle” on things and attain a much more stable atmosphere for myself, my family and my staff. 

Working with Jayne was very rewarding. She takes the time to get to understand you as a person.  Many times I wouldn’t have the slightest idea what action to take; she’ engenders the confidence you need to effectively achieve your goals.  Invest in Jayne; she knows what she is talking about and she really does care about you and your business.”

Nick Hansen

Owner - Hansen Signs / New Brunswick, Canada

Andrew Walker 

Owner - Advanced-PCs / Virginia

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