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Small Business - Support vs. Competition

Building Your Business and Your Community -

Many of my clients engage in coaching because they have read any of a number of good books on building a business, or about the challenges of entrepreneurship. They often find the information in the books to be helpful but by itself it wasn't enough. Intellectually grasping the concepts may prove to be inspiring however, applying these concepts to their business is something quite different. So they did what is sometimes the hardest thing to do, they asked for help. Taking the risk and engaging with a coach, they discovered that having someone hold them accountable for the work required to look deeper, challenge patterns of behavior and inspire motivated interest in achieving their dreams, is where true transformation takes place.

During the coaching process clients discover their eyes opening to how they can move beyond their own frustrations. The process is less about creating effective and consistent systems and more about how, as the leader, they get in their own way. They begin to see everything from a different perspective and it is from this perspective that innovation, improvement and growth can begin. Stepping back and focusing on strategic planning for every area of their business, beginning with the most important part – Leadership – initiates this journey. Often, as a side effect of this journey clients begin to notice how other businesses might benefit from qualified guidance grounded in strong principles and a proven point of view.

By being a better business leader,

you are supporting and improving your community.

I believe small businesses are the backbone of a healthy community; and it follows that the healthier the businesses, the healthier the community. As you work to improve leadership skills – the ability to communicate your vision, mentor and support your employees and work towards achieving the highest quality experience for your customers – you are improving the health of your business. As a thriving contributor to your community you provide a healthy presence, and this presence affects, supports and improves your community.

Do you see businesses in your community struggle from a lack organization or leadership? Are you watching as a business goes down due inconsistent systems, poor service and loss of customers? Do you find yourself saying to yourself, “They could really use some help, some business coaching”?

Know this: Helping others helps yourself, your business, and your community.

I admire business leaders that take this sometimes difficult step, and ask for help. Are you a business owner that needs help? Are you interested in experiencing a taste of what it’s like to have a conversation with the right person, about what is really happening in your business and what that can mean for your future and your life?

Take a step back to see the bigger picture in your business; then take another step back to see the bigger picture of your community. Ask yourself, “How can I be a better leader”? "How can I lead by example"? Asking yourself the hard questions, and challenging yourself to be asked the harder questions to further your own leadership and success could be the beginning of building not just a better business for yourself, but a better, healthier community.

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