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"Go High" - Vision as a Solution

When people have a sound business idea and the excitement to act on it – at least initially – they probably anticipate there will be loads of work to do and problems to address. And, their first task should be having a clear objective. Without a well-defined goal and reasonable measures to ascertain successes, you’re already fighting the uphill battle. In fact, you may as well just throw in the towel now.

Did that last bit of advice get your hackles up? If it didn’t, it should. Your lack of reaction could be the result of an unclear vision.

Few people consider anything beyond the tangible nuts and bolts of getting a business started. This is natural, considering the amount of work that is put into legalities and producing a convincing business plan. It requires enough funding; there are decisions to be made on employee counts, office plans, payroll and benefits, and a world of other details. The sheer amount is enough for you to raise your hands in surrender.

Not to pay short shrift to all those business processes, but there is something well worth mentioning that you might have overlooked. It begs the question – when the most difficult issues do arise, do you have what it takes to overcome them?

You may not believe what you read next, but it is true. Every move you make in your business is directly connected to your vision, and by vision, we mean definitive, tangible goals as well as what inspires you and gives you the desire and focus to go forward... all written down.

“It goes deeper than that. It affects how you carry yourself, and how you make decisions. It affects the quality of people who want to work for you, which is probably the ultimate game-changer.” - Simon Sinek

Are you clear on your own vision? Are you passionate about your idea? Can you articulate why you do it? Do people care? If you are not sure, take a look at the following examples and try to answer those same four questions about these two individuals.

  • Trent says his vision is to sell a new brand of healthy snacks, including crackers, cookies, and nut bars, that actually taste good. He wants to see them in every major supermarket by 2020. The brand name is “A Wealth of Health.” Trent thinks it’s a good idea, because the low-fat snacks that are currently available taste like cardboard. He has revenue goals for the five upcoming years and feels confident of his success.

  • Laura’s vision is to create a facility that offers a variety of afterschool programs for school-aged kids in a safe environ