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The Power of Why...Business Advice from a Toddler?

If you're a parent, or have spent time around a toddler, you've likely experienced the constant flow of 'Whys' Especially when you are asking them to do something, or not do something. When a toddler is asking "why, why, why", they are basically saying, "no, no , no" until they hear an answer that satisfies their curiosity.

Your customers are not much different. Except if they have to ask you "why", you've probably already lost them. And most won't even bother asking.

I admit, in the midst of answering those constant 'whys' as a parent, I took the easy way out sometimes with an exasperated, "Because I said so" or "That's just the way it is". Not a great answer but it worked most of the time. As an adult/parent we have a built-in credibility with children as their guardians, so they acquiesce most of time to avoid our displeasure.

We don't have this luxury with our customers. If you haven't asked yourself the 'whys', you can't possibly position yourself as the obvious answer to your customer’s problems.

When it comes to planning your business, you must ask yourself all the 'whys', with the same curiosity as a toddler, and like a parent you should answer each with careful consideration. This planning empowers you to make better decisions and stay on track with your goals.

Why is this business important to me? Why do I care? Why is it different? Why should my customers care? Why should customers choose me? Why am I the best choice for them?

By answering the 'whys' with clarity ahead of time, you have positioned yourself as the solution. No questions asked.

Having a vision for your business is essential but without the 'whys' your idea might was well be an abstract painting up for interpretation by anyone. You are essentially driving blindly in your business.

If you are struggling with answering the "whys" in your business, or need more clarity, I invite you to participate in an upcoming online event where I will be exploring this subject in depth. Tune in May 17th at 9:00 AM (PDT) for a free webinar: GPS for Success. Find out more here. A great number of people whose businesses have succeeded have taken advantage of the coaching I provide. Perhaps you will consider it as well.

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