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Updated: Nov 4, 2019

There are times in our lives when we need the help of others whether for personal, spiritual, or professional matters; and choosing the right coach is pivotal.

There are many misconceptions about coaching; that it is only for failing businesses, that it's glorified cheerleading, that it's for a quick-fix, to name a few. In reality, coaching - the right kind of coaching - is a key component of an important development process.

Consider coaches in the world of sports. If an athlete is struggling with their performance, hitting a better serve in tennis, for example, a coach doesn't come in and say, "Do it this way and you'll hit it better", or cheer you on with, "You can do it".

To achieve your goal, you need to take the necessary steps. You need guidance to shift your stance, hold the racquet differently, strengthen different muscles, you need to consider any internal struggles that are getting in the way and, you need to practice.

Business coaching is no different - it takes time.

In business coaching it's about you - the business owner - not just the functions of your business. We look at your whole company, not simply a single pain point, or how your product or service is distinctly yours. And this takes a lot of work. A young business may need structure so it can survive, older businesses may have been built with habits and beliefs that no longer serve them in the best way. Whatever your business, or challenges as a leader, in order to change you need to accept what’s true today so you can stop doing what isn't working, strengthen different muscles, and address any of those internal struggles that are get in your way.

The relationship with your coach is like any other relationship - it requires a good fit. Not someone with whom you simply feel comfortable, actually quite the contrary. Someone who is able to challenge you, inspire you to work hard, and seek out your best. What you are looking for is trust and competence. The relationship forged with a coach is, in fact, a sacred one. Being seen, heard, understood, and rightfully assisted requires a depth, intelligence, wisdom-based compassion, and insightfulness on behalf of the coach. Entering such a relationship is an act of daring for it is all about furthering the becoming your genuine self and developing your full potential.

If you seek help, and you work at it, you will see results - lasting impacts - and the experience will amaze you.

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