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Leaders and the Secrets they Keep

The most emotionally intelligent leaders know they aren't doing their job alone. They have a group of hand-selected individuals to complete the team that works together, collaborates, offers feedback, and solves problems. But it's leader they all turn to when it really gets tough, or things seem insurmountable, confusing, or frustrating and it is the leader to whom they look for stability, guidance, inspiration and to maintain balance.

BUT, who does the leader turn to?

Great leaders are often more courageous, confident, clear, and tenacious than other people. That does not mean, however, that they are hardwired as a completely different type of people. They're all just regular people but have extraordinary responsibilities.

Done well, they live authentically but even healthy leaders are not able to divulge all that they are thinking and feeling at any given moment. So, they hide things for the greater good. Although leaders won't broadcast their “secrets” to the world, they must talk to someone, to a confidant, an advisor, someone committed to their success and to no other end.

To lead for the long haul, leaders must have a trusted confidant - someone who is not on their team or a direct report. Not your boss, or board member, or even family member. These individuals have a skewed perspective and often don't see the whole picture.

The confidant you need must...

  • Be someone with honesty and integrity, who you are 100% sure won't talk to anyone else about what you are sharing.

  • You can lean into for tough decisions, gripe about things, and receive counsel from.

  • Not make decisions for you, they listen and if asked, advise you. Your confidant is not your final decision maker.

  • Have nothing to gain in the outcome of your decisions.

You don't need to be a CEO or President to have a confidant. As a leader in any capacity, having a sounding board and an outside voice to provide advice is not just important, it will be helpful in your career as a whole, and instrumental in your potential advancement. A true investment in your future - at any time on your leadership journey.

Developing your personal leadership style and vision for your professional future is only one conversation away. Curious?

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