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High Impact Meetings

Running Powerful Meetings - Meeting Leadership
Be a Powerful Meeting Leader!
Increase your self-confidence, your professional courage, inspire engaged participation and achieve results!

Style & Format

There are many of reasons to gather together; different types of meetings allow for different goals. Your overall outcome and purpose. Learn how to determine the right meeting style for your purpose and goals. 

Preparation & Time

Time is arguably everyone’s most valuable, and under-respected, resource. Time should be used as wisely as possible and with clear intention. Learn how to manage your time and effectively prepare, (and inspire attendees to effectively prepare) to achieve the best results possible.

Leadership Role

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How you lead a meeting falls into different categories. Are you running, moderating, or facilitating? It is possible that you are holding more than one role, and maybe even all three. Be aware of your focus and ultimate goals and what you need to perform your role with authority and skill.


It is your responsibility to thoughtfully and intelligently select individuals for attendance. Learn important criteria when selecting your list of attendees. Occasionally there are individuals that provide unique (difficult) challenges that require specific attention. Learn to deal with difficulties and divert obstacles to progress..

Course Details

Develop leadership skills to effectively lead, and manage meeting events. Explore obstacles to achieving results, and learn how to inspire your attendees to be engaged, and willing participants. 

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