Count the number of 0s through 6s.


AUTHENTIC LEADER - Mostly   1 - 3
You likely have a true sense of who you are and you show this authenticity with your actions and communication. People look to you for leadership and can count on you to do what you say. Your style is one of confidence and you know your worth.


AREAS FOR WORK:  If your scores are fairly balanced then pay attention to the statements that were the most difficult for you to answer. There may be a valuable lesson here that is worthy of exploration. As with all things, there is always room for improvement in your skills as a leader. Where do you find the most difficulty? E.g. Clarifying your vision (for your self, others, business, etc.), communicating your vision and inspiring those around you, internal messages, staying focused, etc.




You have a decent foundation but there are areas in which you doubt yourself. People enjoy working with/for you though there may be areas where expectations and clarity could be more well-defined. Some things are hard for you and you may not even know why - asking for help is challenging, however if need be, you can ask for what you need. Your confidence could be more stable - any blow to your ego can affect your performance or perspective, and yet with a little time, you are able to pull yourself up and move forward.


AREAS FOR WORK:  If your scores are fairly balanced then pay attention to the statements that were the most difficult for you to answer. Which statements received your highest scores? Prioritize them in order of most difficult and choose your top three - here is your work. Make a plan to focus on these areas. How? This may be an opportunity to practice the art of asking for help. Find out how.




The higher your score is in this section, the greater the disconnect between your inner and outer world. Meaning, how you perceive yourself and the way you show up in the world. Therefore, your style is likely to be erratic or disingenuous. This doesn't mean you don't have leadership skills, it means you might not have effective access to the skills you do have. Your personal motivation is probably not connected to how you get things done, and staying in integrity with your core values might be difficult. You may, very well, have experienced success but there may be a price you are paying. What part of you are you giving away or ignoring?


AREAS FOR WORK:  Self-knowledge is of paramount importance when it comes to leadership. Which statements were the hardest to answer or caused the biggest emotional reaction? Pick three to five - this is the area in which to begin working. Asking for help may be difficult for you...and I encourage you to do so. To get the most success with reconnecting your inner and outer world you really do need someone to guide and support you. Find a trusted mentor and challenge yourself. 





The information expressed here is designed to help increase your awareness and stimulate discussion of areas relating to the indicated topic. This is not by itself, a tool for diagnosing any type of condition. It may help to enhance self-awareness of one’s own experiences, but cannot give any well-informed recommendation about what should be done about those experiences. In other words, by asking about particular experiences, this quiz may simply help to highlight elements of those experiences. Having those experiences highlighted may offer you an opportunity to reflect on them at greater length, or to consider their relevance in a broader life context. What any individual chooses to do with the results of this quiz is a matter for the individual and should not be dictated by the author. 



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