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Read what they are saying

Read the success stories of how my clients are achieving amazing results. Balance, vision, success, and peace of mind - it is all possible.

Janet Phillips

Sr Director - Large Hi-Tech Company

San Francisco, CA

"I am seasoned professional who had been struggling with many profound issues ranging from "how do I effectively manage this situation" to "how am I showing up in my daily life".  I began my coaching journey with Jayne, with a narrow lens on my challenges, and ended up with so much more than I had ever anticipated. In working with Jayne, I have explored many meaty topics that have helped me to broaden my perspective on virtually every area of my life, and to challenge a number of deeply ingrained beliefs. If this sounds scary to you, rest assured.


Jayne's style is one that is open, encouraging and intuitive with a sharp eye on ensuring that you make  progress in the areas you've deemed important. I can say with conviction, that my time with Jayne has been singularly the best investment I have made in myself. I am showing up in the world differently. I have more confidence, take myself a less seriously, am improving the relationships in my life, and making decisions that had previously elluded me. It has been hard work, and a journey, but so very worth it. Jayne comes with my highest recommendation.

Michael Krajewski

Owner - Steelo, Ltd

London, U.K.

"I have managed to bring my business to the next level. I had a vision in mind but had no idea how to accomplish it. Thanks to my coach, Jayne Donnelly, I am well on track and it's only a matter of time until we achieve our plans. I have learned profound basics of running a business that work without my needing to be present. I spend more than 40% of the time out of the country and despite this, we hit record sales! I have learned much, but the most relevant things that have changed are increased revenue, time for myself, and peace of mind".

L.J. Pocsi

Owner - Infinitely Fit

Poway, CA

"There were days I felt "in my own way", but I really pushed my fears aside and buckled down. I spent more time thinking and feeling through things than I have in the past because I was willing to get it done. I know this will be a continuous process of improving myself to get the work done. As I spend more time working with you, the more I see how "who I am" is so ingrained into everything I do. The more I embrace the good, the bad and the ugly, I also find I am embracing my integrity and this shows up in all areas of my life. I don't think I have ever worked so hard - and it is so worth it"! 

Nick Hansen

Owner - Hansen's Signs

New Brunswick, Canada

“In business you encounter so many obstacles from so many different directions at all times and often it is more than overwhelming. On a regular basis it is essential to have some method of attaining a perspective on the items that come flying through your mind. It is also quite often that you may try to share with someone yet they may not be on the same page.


I was desperate to get out of the daily chaos that I had allowed to be created around me in my business. Since working with Jayne I have been able to learn how to look at things from an overhead perspective. This has allowed me to get “a handle” on things and attain a much more stable atmosphere for myself, my family and my staff. Jayne is a pleasure to speak with and always seems to succeed in pulling me out of my frustration. Even if you know your product better than anyone, you still need the direction on how to manage the business that surrounds it".

Michael C.


"I wanted to get challenged and pushed in the right directions and I get that from you. You know how to ask the right questions and your gut feelings are almost always right on. Being coached is sometimes a struggle because you bring up questions that I have never thought of before".

Joanna K.


"I am so pleased with my progress with coaching - in particular being held accountable to myself and being challenged in a caring way. It sometimes hurts in the moment but it's so much better on the other side". I trust your instinct and expertise". 

Roger H.

Ashland, OR

"The leadership voyage was AMAZING". 

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