Women in Balance 

Sustainable Work/Life Balance for Women with High-Stress Careers & Lives

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Altus Effect Woman in Balance Coaching Intensive

True Potential

Gain clarity about your basic, personal and aesthetic needs and how they impact your life, goals and well-bing. 


Imbalance results from a lack of clarity in understanding these needs, an inability to satisfying certain needs, and not knowing how to address the condition.

Values, Beliefs & Frustrations

Explore values and beliefs and how they affect both your work and personal life. Discover how they can create obstacles to progression of goals and objectives, and how to consciously use them to further personal success.


Learn how to effectively remove overwhelm and reactivity from any frustration, resulting in clearer, quicker solutions.

Time Management & Decision Making

Creating balance is a series of decisions.


Explore the process of decision-making and boundary setting, both external and internal and learn how to take control of your time vs. being at the mercy of it.

Skill Building

Gain skills for sustainable balance and stress management. 


Learn to recognize when imbalance is occurring and how to select, define, and implement 'balance producing' skills, that work for you.

Women in Balance Course Details

Eight one-hour phone meetings. Pre and post-session assignments designed to establish a clear understanding of the source of your imbalance and then challenge you to create the balance that is right for you.

This course explores and establishes a strong foundation that allows for change. You will create priorities and healthy habits, set effective boundaries, and develop an increased awareness for ongoing, self-observation.

Experience decreased overwhelm and frustration, and increased personal satisfaction and peace of mind - Better Work/Life Balance.

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At the end of the course you'll have the option for additional one-on-one sessions as well as 'Q and A' about what your next steps should be.

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Instructor:  Jayne Donnelly, CEO & Founder - Altus Effect

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