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What do you want from coaching? Bring your questions, your vision and curiosity, and prepare to learn something new. 


Jayne Donnelly, founder of The Altus Effect, will be your partner, ensuring that you clear hurdles gracefully, find effective answers and face your toughest challenges.


We start with an initial consultation to lay the groundwork. We'll establish goals and review how the process works. Prepare to have a conversation about your life, work or business that you won't have anywhere else.


Your first step is to ask yourself “where are you now and where do you want to be”?

How wide is the space between the two? 

The next step is to discover what’s in the way?

What is it that maintains the distance and keeps you from your goal. 

Be challenged in ways that are powerful and effective - and unlike what you may have experienced in the past - find yourself 'wanting your success more than fearing failure'.


Know that you are in good hands even though the coaching experience is sometimes hard or painful. Look forward to facing the challenge knowing you are supported, safe and will receive the encouragement and guidance needed to get you where you want/need to go.


Come with frustration, confusion, sadness, anger, disconnection, lack of balance...

Leave feeling vitalized, open, empowered, clear, motivated, inspired and creative.




Get Started 1

The most important step comes next, schedule your strategy session now: Getting Started with The Altus Effect.


Explore your business, your work, your life, and the vision you have for the future. Don’t wait any longer to begin making real positive change in your life or business. You are already motivated; dare to imagine - and achieve - the life of your dreams.

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