Resolutions Part One - A New Hope

It's that time of year again and even though we have failed to make permanent changes in our lives defined by the resolutions of past years, we make them again and again.

New Year's Resolutions - it sounds so hopeful. There is a whole new year ahead of us, an endless amount of time in which anything can happen. We make plans and imagine ourselves the way we'd like to see ourselves.

Fit, organized, successful, strong, confident, adventurous. We have a new job, started a business, improved our business, make more money. Our relationships have improved and are more fulfilling, we found love. We have let go of things that don't serve us and have welcomed things that bring us success, happiness, and health.

A new year is a blank slate, and just how different are you from this time last year? What did you plan to do last year that is still waiting to be realized?

We all know that resolutions are difficult, if they weren't we'd call them something else, like a "to do list". And because there are difficult, each year we hear the same suggestions to help us be successful. Suggestions that are designed to make sure we stick to our plan.

  • Keep them small - don't try to make a big change, keep it 'manageable'

  • Reward yourself when you do (or don't do) whatever it is you want to change

  • Have a partner; someone with whom you can share your progress

  • Don't be hard on yourself - if you mess up don't let that discourage you

Yet unfortunately, the results are the same - we start strong, with confidence and intention, and for most, a few short weeks (or even days) into the New Year we're back to our old ways/habits. These suggestions are good; it is the approach that is flawed.

A resolution is a new hope for the future; to get there you need a new, effective way, to get there.

Do you really want things to be different this year?

Are you truly resolved to be successful this time?

What is really getting in the way?

Stay tuned for next week's blog: Resolutions Part Two - Why we fail



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