Shared Growth

Some of my most incredible experiences of all time have been right in this room with my clients.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to work with an amazing woman - smart, motivated, and open. What I mean by open is, she trusts herself and is willing to face the unknown in the pursuit of greater knowledge about herself, and is aware that this allows her to create opportunities to move forward toward strength, and realization of her goals and dreams.

Not all of my clients come to me this way - achieving this perspective is often the first part of our journey... and when we get there, change/growth begins to accelerate rapidly.

Yesterday, she brought a concern to the table about difficulty in dealing with something that - on the surface - seemed simple - stepping into a new working relationship. The hard part was admitting to herself (and out loud) that some very uncomfortable feelings were coming up that were getting in the way of her performance.

Trusting me as she does, we tried something new to explore this block that she couldn't get past. Allowing me to guide her, the truth revealed some self-imposed fears about needing to shut down and hide her strength in new situations with new people. (I am being intentionally vague here as the work we do is private and confidential.)

Seeing it for what it was and realizing that the fear was old, and didn't apply anymore, she felt a rush of enthusiasm and inspiration. She left my office filled with motivation and excitement, knowing she can dive into this new opportunity with the internal skill and strength required to be successful. And, that when the feelings of fear and doubt rise up, instead of fighting it, she can navigate past and through it.

This is all good, and fairly typical as coaching sessions go. However, what was truly amazing is how I felt after a session like this. It is impossible to 'not feel the change' as well. The rush of excitement as I witness her change is what draws me to this work and motivates me to do this for more individuals. I once had a client ask me at the end of a meeting, "How do you do this? I'm wiped out, you must be exhausted." I answered honestly... "You know, when we started today I admit I was a little fatigued. And now, after working with you, I have more energy than I know what to do with."

I grow a little bit with every client session I have. Being open myself - I believe - is what makes me good at what I do. The work is shared - growth is universal.

Commit to being your best.



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